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Our company started with a simple request, ”Can you supply bulk Co2?” it seemed like a simple answer but little did we know the impact of that question. In 2009 a handful of employee’s that had close to 75 years of industrial gas experience answered that question…”We certainly can and we’ll do it better”. We did our homework and shortly realized this Micro Bulk Co2 industry was underserviced. So, we went out and purchased our first bulk truck and service pick up, within a few short months we were in the Co2 Micro Bulk business.

The idea was to start slow and provide a service that this industry was unaccustomed too. We knew from our experience that if we gave our customers great service coupled with our knowledge of the industry we would have a strong recipe for success. Off we went to build our Micro Bulk Co2 business and along the way noticed our vision was to narrow and needed to expand to single cylinders. This gave us the opportunity to reach different markets and cater to different industries. Our customer base now includes municipal pools for PH control, bars, restaurants and the hospitality industry, micro breweries and brew pubs, industrial welding applications, greenhouse and plant growth and the list continues to grow.

For fear that we would over promise and under deliver. We started by building our business locally in the York Region. Over the years we have grown from our rural roots and currently service the Greater Toronto Area and continuing to expand in all directions. We hope in the near future we are able to meet the requests and cover all of Southern Ontario.

We embrace the challenges ahead of us and look forward to the future customers we’ll meet. If the first few years are any indication of what’s ahead, we can’t wait to see what the Co2 world will bring us.

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